Created by  Officers, for  Officers

  It's time for something new. 

After a decade of traditional union advocacy, our work group remains disorganized. There are still over 23,000 unrepresented and disenfranchised Transportation Security Officers across the country who do not belong to a union or association.  

In the 8 months since our ONE TSA site went live, thousands of you have filled out our forms, signed our petitions, and contacted us to express your concerns, criticisms, and needs. 


A few things are perfectly clear – you want an organization that respects the job that you do, works with the agency, is non-political, and provides meaningful and valuable services for your hard earned dollars. We understand, and we agree. ONE TSA is your voice – respectful, collaborative, powerful, non political, common sense, patriotic.

Created by TSA Officers, for TSA Officers. 


Accept nothing less. Our careers, our oath, and our sacred honor are too important to leave in the hands of others.