You can join ONE TSA now!

Authorize your payroll allotment, then send us an email

Go to the National Finance Center Employee Personal Page website at and click the ‘I AGREE’ button at bottom to accept the disclaimer. Log in at the left with your User ID and Password (If you do not have a Password or User ID, follow the links provided).

Full Website

On the left hand navigation bar below your name, select FINANCIAL ALLOTMENTS. After the screen loads, select SELF SERVICE on the upper right side of the screen. After this screen loads, a list of your current allotments will display. Select START and enter the ONE TSA account information.

Mobile APP

Click the PAY button, then click the FINANCIAL ALLOTMENTS button, then click the SELF SERVICE button, select START and enter the ONE TSA account information


Bi-weekly dues - $20 

Bank of America Routing Number:          071214579

ONE TSA Business Checking Account Number:          374003954025


After you have completed your allotment:


Forward your confirmation email to and include your name, home address, personal email, phone and duty airport in the body of the message.  

We already represent TSA Officers

ONE TSA is currently representing TSA Officers in airports across the country.  From disciplinary actions, to EEOC review, to OWCP covered work injuries, we provide lawyers and specialists who will handle your specific case.

How can we offer so much coverage? As a cornerstone of our association plan, we contracted with LEOS Protection (a national legal plan with attorneys across the US) to provide our members legal counsel and representation. 

Additionally, we have an experienced Director of Legislative Affairs that will push forward OUR issues while educating lawmakers about the job we do. Finally, funds will be returned to the workforce via foundations and programs providing scholarships and benevolent assistance. 

2019 1014 ONE TSA - LEOS Agreement (pdf)