WHO represents YOU?

Who represents YOU? Who should be?


ONE TSA was envisioned and created by former local union Presidents who wanted to help their fellow Officers, but did not like how traditional unions operated. Large public sector unions represent a broad range of workgroups across many different agencies, and the smaller groups receive less services and attention. 

ONE TSA originated from a simple idea – that TSOs should represent TSOs. Build an organization that spends TSO dues on TSO issues, and doesn’t squander it on bureaucratic councils and political endorsements. Build an organization that works with the agency instead of against it. Build an organization that educates lawmakers through a focused legislative agenda, backing sound legislative policies instead of partisan candidates. And most importantly, build an organization that has enough lawyers on payroll to ensure that everyone gets legal representation when they need it.

ONE TSA is not anti-union, we are just pro-TSO. To these ends, we built a better association that offers TSOs a real choice. We recruited experts into our formation working group, we identified key issues and current representational shortfalls, and we sought partners to create solutions which provide the best coverage for our membership. We have contracted with LEOS Protection, a national legal plan with attorneys across the US to provide our members legal counsel and representation. We have an experienced Director of Legislative Affairs that will push forward OUR issues while educating lawmakers about the job we do. Finally, funds will be returned to the workforce via foundations and programs providing scholarships and benevolent assistance.

ONE TSA is now open, and we are signing up members. We have used the thousands of comments received over the past few months to refine our mission, improve our leadership, and build a sustainable representation model. 

We are building an organization that is proud of who we are, and proud of what we do. As Transportation Security Officers, we hold ourselves to a high standard, and deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect we give to others.  

Who is ONE TSA? ... ONE TSA is YOU! 


2019 1014 ONE TSA - LEOS Agreement (pdf)